Top Ten Summer Car Maintenance Tips to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready

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When summer comes around, more people tend to take road trips and go away for the weekends, consequently driving their vehicles more often and potentially running into more car troubles if their vehicles are not properly cared for. Planning any weekend getaway or summer vacation, you can make sure your car is ready to go with these top ten summer car maintenance tips to get your car road trip ready from CARite.

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Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips

  • Check Your Tire Pressure. Tire pressures change with increasing temperatures on hot summer days. Making sure your tires are not under-inflated can help avoid a tire blow out and checking for over-inflation can keep you from hydroplaning in rainy weather. Click HERE to find out when it’s time to buy new tires.
  • Get an Oil Change. During the Summer people tend to do more driving, increasing the likelihood of vehicles overheating. It’s recommended you get your oil and oil filter changed roughly every three months or 3,000-7,500 miles.
  • Make Sure Your Car Is De-Winterized. Cars that have been in storage or were not driven often during the winter may need fluids refilled. Check all of your car’s fluid before planning a big trip or doing extensive amounts of driving.
  • Check Belts and Hoses for Damage. Winter is hard on vehicles so before heading out on a week-long road trip be sure to check hoses and belts for leaks and crack to avoid situations such as the radiator overheating in the middle of nowhere.
  • Get a New Air Filter. Air filters can get clogged with salt, dirt and miscellaneous debris and putting in a clean air filter can actually help to improve your fuel economy. Recommended life of an air filter is 12,000 miles driven.
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  • Replace Windshield Wipers. When it’s raining cats and dogs over the summer having windshield wipers that work properly can make the roads safer for everyone.
  • Make Sure Your Brakes are Working Properly. If your brakes are at the end of their life, you may want to replace them before a summer trip to avoid all kinds of problems.
  • Check Coolant Levels and Radiator Function. Again working to prevent your engine from overheating make sure coolant levels are sufficient and your radiator is working properly.
  • Check Your Car Battery. Summer heat can increase the speed of chemical reactions inside a battery, overcharging it. Take your battery to the CARite Service Department for assistance checking if your battery needs to be replaced or is overcharged.
  • Check Your Refrigerant Levels! This may be the most important summer maintenance tip. When you hit that heat wave you will not want to be without air conditioning, so make sure our unit has plenty of refrigerant.
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For all of your car maintenance needs come see the CARite Service Department. If your car is not up for the road trip you’ve been looking forward to for months, let the guides at CARite help you find a low-mileage certified used car, truck or SUV from our lot.

12 Responses to “Top Ten Summer Car Maintenance Tips to Get Your Car Road Trip Ready”

  1. Ben Allen says:

    I appreciate the tips on how to get your car more road ready for trips. I agree that it is important to ensure that you are checking your tire pressure, this is huge because your tires are the only thing touching the road while you are driving the car. My brother is getting ready to take a long road trip in his car, I will have to share this list with him so he will minimize his problems.

  2. Ivy Baker says:

    I like that you pointed out that you need to change your air filters. it does seem like a good thing to be aware of when you want your car to run smoothly. I always seem to forget to do things like that on my car. I should probably take my car to a professional to see if my filter need to be changed.

  3. Pam Lassila says:

    I know little to nothing about cars but I am going on lots of road trips this summer! I’m super excited and a little bit nervous. But I realized I need to get my car serviced and I need to learn how to do a few things to help maintain it so it will run properly and survive the next few months.

  4. Mark Horn says:

    Summer time is basically a travel time. Most of the car owners know how to winterize their car but they may not know how to summer-ize it. So, before hitting the road during the summer, one can take several simple precautions to keep his family safe and secure and also save money at the pump. It is also a fact that extreme heats and long drives can be tough on the cars. Cracked hoses, leaked radiators, under inflated tires during the summer not only lowers the fuel efficiency but also may lead to total breakdown. Your blog is suggested with some summer car maintenance tips and everyone should follow it in order to keep their car in a tip top shape and perfect running condition. I would k=like to say thank you for sharing such useful maintenance tips.

  5. Willy Sharpe says:

    During season change, we have found multiple problems with our cars. Especially in summer and winters, we are facing problems like starting problems, battery problems, engine heat problems, tire pressure problems, and many others. So it is quite better to learn some basic things on how to take care of our car during summer. Otherwise, we are looking for service centers to repair our car.

  6. Steven says:

    I’m assuming that if more people knew that not maintaining their car could add up to costing them $8000, they would be more likely to take better care of their car. It might be helpful to add find a trustworthy auto repair shop. Even if you’re taking care of your vehicle, there are always unexpected events which require help from a professional for repairs.

  7. To fit our car for a long distant journey, the maintenance tips serve as precautions. Engine oil change, tire pressure check, a well conditioned air filter and checking the brake system are necessary for a hassle free trip. If you are planning so, it is better to take your car to a trustworthy garage, where the skilled mechanics find out the issues in your vehicle and after sorting them out, they would suggest you the best course of actions for making your trip an enjoyable one. If you maintain it properly, you deserve its comfort.

  8. Helen Cox says:

    Summer is the most suitable time for a long drive. The weather is dry; you can get out of the vehicle and make your recreation. Before planning to go somewhere, you should check your vehicle at a well known garage and maintain the parts if needed. You have to keep ready your tires, brakes, air conditioner, air filter, windshield wipers and engine oil to make the journey hassle free. You can ask the professionals about your car condition and few suggestions to make it friendly forever. Really worth reading it.

  9. Excellent car checklist guide for all drivers, I have auto wreckers services in Adelaide. Can we share or publish this guide on my website blog?

    Best Regards,
    Ali Joya.

  10. Maintenance of car is a way to keep far away from getting break down. During the variation of temperature of the atmosphere as the season changes it impacts on the condition of the car. It is advisable to check the tire pressure and fill air as required. Do repair of brakes, windshield wipers to avoid any unpleasant situation. Keep changing of oil every 5000 miles leads to a better performance of your car. Air filter, battery and coolant are other facts to keep you away from the mishap occurring by your car.

  11. One can make the most of his summer road trip with a complete vehicle inspection before hitting an unfenced road. If someone is thinking about some sun-drenched driving, then he can never neglect summer car aftercare. Because if a person goes with an unprepared vehicle or if the vehicle is the provided with genuine summer care, then the blazing temperature, storms of dust and grime, and the episodic rain can put wreak havoc on the vehicle. Thus, I would like to suggest that every car owner should never underestimate the importance of summer car maintenance, rather they should give top priority to this summer aftercare schedule so that they can reach the destination safely and avoid the chances of being grounded on the high way.

  12. Checking your tire pressure is a really important thing to do in the summertime to make sure your car is in working order. I love how you talked about the hot air can actually expand the air in your tires making it more susceptible to popping. My son does not know this and so I need to let him know. Thanks again!

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