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Jeff was excellent!!!! He helped a lot and was patience with us. Jeff made sure we were leaving the lot with a good reasonable car. We are truly appreciate it so much.

I went in just to look .... no pressure very friendly .. thought my score was 100 pts higher ... didn’t matter. Great Rate approved in no time ! Brought it back a check of the brakes. They have me another new Jeep (filled it up before I left ) and had my Jeep ready the next day ... oh and they detailed it There was no floor mats in it when I bought it , but when I got it back ..??‍♀️ New brakes, changed oil, cleaned and new mats too !!!

These five stars are only for Mark! He is the only one there, that goes above and beyond. This brand needs to give him, his own dealership.

i found him on IG @anycredit_allcars305. Jared is awesome at what he does! I told him what car I wanted and the payment that was doable for me, everything was wrapped up and I had a brand new ride in less than 2 hours! I came with everything he needed, knew exactly what I wanted and he streamlined the process for me. If you know what you want, and you come prepared with the proper documentation he can get you in a car!

Neil is the guy u want to see when u walk in the door. He helped me with everything I was looking for n I drove off with my car the same exact day. He took a big weight off my shoulders n I'm so grateful for him

If you need a car go to Jared Lajoie, he is a genius at making deals. If you have the paperwork he needs he can get you in any car they have available.

First ,,,But NOT the last time I will buy a car from Carite in windsor CT Bill K was so AWESOME to work with he did not hound us like most other car lot salesman would do, He was friendly and let us spend as much time as we needed to open in the available cars on lot that were all unlocked for us to sit in. We toured the lot with an inventory sheet with mileage and prices of each automobile. My grandson enjoy the fully stocked snack bar , NO PRESSURE and EASY transaction When I came home with my new car,,I noticed it did not have a manual so I called and spoke to a Friendly woman (wish I got her name) and I recieved my car manual 2 days later I already want to buy another car ,,,such a good experience,,,but I need to start paying for the one i bought first,,,lol

With such a positive experience I had buying a car I would never buy a car from any other dealership. Carite treats customers so well it was a pleasure doing business with them. As always it's the people behind the success of a business and the one standout at Carite is ANITA. She is so friendly and hardworking that a promotion is a must for her,Carite cannot afford to lose her. The staff overall was very efficient with no pressure to buy. Carite should be a model dealership for a successful car business. Once again I salute Anita along with the rest of the staff. We will be back.

The sales team here is awesome and Deserves is five star review. They were able to work with me with my credit was horrible. I walked away in a 2018 Ford escape for a less than I had budgeted for. Thanks Ms. Angel for all your help.

My salesman Carlton Watson at Carite of Memphis was just AMAZING. This was the best car buying experience one could have thanks to Carlton's professionalism and honesty. I plan on sending all my family and friends to see Carlton at Carite.

Chase was very patient with me and the paperwork I needed to get the car I wanted. Casual, no pressure.

Follow Jared on IG @anycredit_allcars305This was a great experience . He put everything I need first and did not bs me for a sale. He was funny, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. This is definitely a salesman I would recommend. Great cars and great service!

LOVE MY NEW SUV! Ask for Carlos or Mike! The best experience I’ve had this Year!! I was approved CARRITE away with no hassle.