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based on two things

1) Your ability to pay - We'll allow payment amounts up to 25% of your provable monthly net income. 2) The value of the car you select - We can finance up to 90% of the agreed value.

This approach is intended to simply allow us to ensure you can afford the vehicle you select while giving you increased buying power with our innovative financing solutions. Every lender is different. However, CARite stores offer customers exclusive access to Brite Financial, a company that allows you to lease a car regardless of your credit history.  The above example is based on the general approach Brite Financial takes to approving leases. You can learn more at www.britefinancial.com or you can ask your CARite representative for specific information on how approvals work (with Brite or other lending options available).

it's time

for better cars

Our buyer's goal Is to fill our stores With low mileage high quality newer cars. Our ASE Certified technicians then thoroughly inspect each car to ensure it meets our high standards. Finally, cars that pass our test are Certified and eligible for our Lifetime Engine Warranty!*

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our great prices

ou'll never have to negotiate here. Prices are clearly marked and often below blue book. Financing is never a hassle at CARite. We're a judgment-free zone and our job is to help get you approved for the car YOU want! In addition, Certified cars enjoy a Lifetime Engine Warranty*, 5 day returns, and an available service contract.

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Our founder took 50 years of automotive experience and created one new and refreshing way to bring cars to our customers. Through CARite stores, customers enjoy better cars, a better buying experience, and peace of mind with every purchase. In addition, our prices are highly competitive with a focus on providing you with true value. No traditional sales people. Zero haggling. Great dealerships. Awesome products.We could go on... Bottom line: We're not here to sell you anything, we're just here to help you buy a Better Car! Visit your nearest CARite dealership to see for yourself. We've been impressing customers since 2011!