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conversion program

For Established Dealers.

  • Adopt a nationally recognized brand identity for your dealership, with a standardized interior, exterior and customer experience.
  • Access proprietary systems and processes to help you run your dealership more effectively.
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development program

For New Entrepreneurs.

  • Start your own CARite dealership, or take over a turn-key location with a clear path to owning the business outright over time.
  • Enjoy the financial backing of CARite, with an available floor plan on simplified terms.
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casey joined us

“Adding the CARite label has really helped us solidify our image and has given us a powerful branding message…” - Casey, Owner Louisville, MS.

mark joined us

"I can focus on selling cars, since CARite takes care of my technology, training and marketing needs. Amazing support...." - Mark, Owner Eastpointe, MI.

are you the ideal partner?

The Six C's We Consider


Your values align with our DRIVE values. You are respected and highly regarded in your community.  You can provide trusted references.


You have $100K in available cash (your own funds) to use as operating capital to support your own dealership. Your net worth is over $500K and you have proof of appropriate floor plan approval.


Ideally the investor is the person operating the store in a hands-on manner. We expect this leader to have the appropriate time to run the business.


You have a specific location in mind in a growing area with at least 100K people within 5 miles.  The building is 'healthy' and near other dealers.

customer satisfaction

ou have a track record of great customer feedback in prior ventures. We typically evaluate this through online websites and customer references.


You are willing to commit to CARite for the long term. This means going beyond an initial partnership and committing to a long-term venture.

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partner benefits

great branding

A proven store design and marketing program, with a simple approach to selling cars.

clearer standards

Great relationships with lenders, standardized software platforms, and other products.

better support

A central team working on HR, training, IT, marketing & more. Learn with a network of like-minded dealers.


standard & effective

CARite uses a proprietary platform to help dealers manage their business. CARite, we operate using common technology standards to ensure process and data collection consistency.  See your representative for more information!


simple & repeatable

At CARite we have standardized the retail experience so that all team members can benefit from a simple set of processes designed to deliver a great experience to our customers.

modern design

Existing stores can be re-branded easily. All stores follow a simple footprint. The below example shows an established car dealership in Taylor. The store underwent a complete and simple re-model to reflect the CARite brand.  The project took less than two months and cost less than $50K to completely transform the store.  See Below!

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