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We've Got You Covered.

We offer a simple but comprehensive set of protections for your investment. Learn more through the content below or speak to a representative for more information.

We offer a simple but comprehensive set of protections for your investment.

CARite trade in your vehicle

CARite care*

Extended Service Plan

Many of the carefully selected vehicles at our delivery centers are still under their manufacturer's warranty. However, where that coverage is limited, or does not exist at all, CARite provides you with an exceptional service contract option.

  • Coverage options up to 3 years or 36,000 miles for mechanical repairs, including parts and labor.
  • Pay nothing on covered repairs other than the contract deductible (typically $100 per occurrence).
  • Covered components for your engine, transmission, steering, drive axle and select technology features.
  • Nationwide service available at your local franchised dealership or any licensed repair facility.
  • Rental car cost and towing assistance included. Plan is also transferrable and can be cancelled by you.
  • Covered components for your suspension, brake, fuel, electrical, A/C and cooling.

CARite gap cover*

Guaranteed Asset Protection

GAP simply offers protection in the event of a total loss of your vehicle where you owe more than your insurance company is willing to pay. So in a total loss event with your vehicle, GAP can help make up any difference! GAP is not a replacement for primary auto insurance.

CARite trade in your vehicle
CARite trade in your vehicle
CARite trade in your vehicle

tire & wheel*

Driving Peace Of Mind

The parts of your car that work the hardest: Your wheels. We offer Tire & Wheel protection to give you extra peace of mind against everyday hazards like glass, bails, potholes and more. If your tire and/or wheels are structurally damaged due to a covered claim, we'll have you back in good shape in no time. See your delivery center representative for details.

CARite trade in your vehicle

* Coverage exclusions and limitations may apply. This content provides general information about the CARite Care product, CARite GAP product and complimentary protections and should not be solely relied upon when purchasing any of these products. All products are optional and are not insurance. Coverage may vary by state and some vehicle models may not be eligible for coverage. A document outlining exact coverage is available for each product from your CARite representative.

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5 Day Returns**

Returns can be made within 5 days (with less than 250 miles driven) on a 'no questions asked' basis and no pressure to purchase another CARite car. For any return, the customer is responsible for 1) any damage to the vehicle, and 2) a reasonable vehicle rental charge for each day they drove the car.

**Most of our locations / delivery centers participate in this program but there are exceptions (by location and for some vehicles).  Please consult your delivery center representative for more information.